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EnviroCoatings Ceramic InsulCoat High-Performance

Architectural Coatings provide over

30 Features and Benefits for your Real Estate Investment.

Ceramic InsulCoat Wall is Tested, Proven and Trusted

Many of our features and benefits have astounding competitive advantages:

What is a Paint and What is a Coating?

We are often asked to define why our coating systems are superior to paint. 


This is our response:


Paint is decorative and ascetically pleasing to look at. 


EnviroCoatings Ceramic InsulCoat High-Performance Coatings are not only decorative and ascetically pleasing to look at---but also---protective and provides much longer life with many additional benefits. 


We extend the life of the building envelope we are applied to.

A Superior Value Proposition

The Ceramic InsulCoat product line is a versatile and robust system that protects real estate investments and enhances pride of ownership. 


The products last three to five times longer than traditional paints and coatings.  That's three to five times the labor and material costs (at future inflated rates) to repaint or replace exterior wall and roof systems.


Life-Cycle costs are unsurpassed when you consider the entire spectrum of desirable performance characteristics.  These include:


Long lasting protection against Ultra-Violet degradation, pre-mature weathering, ease of application, reduced maintenance costs, and year-round energy savings, all lead to reduced life-cycle costs.


In addition, we provide a superior aesthetic appeal that looks good for the duration of the coatings life.  In other words:


Your building looks great year after year!

Quality Ingredients create Cerylium

Many paint manufacturers use 7 to 12 ingredients in their formulas.


EnviroCoatings has taken out the cheap fillers found in most paints and coatings today and replaced these with Cerylium, a combination of high quality raw materials that includes hollow-core ceramic microspheres, strands, irregular particulate, and an over abundance of titanium dioxide.


Cerylium is a technically advanced process that combines never before utilized components into a proprietary formula of 23 - precision blended, high performance ingredients, in a complex 100% acrylic suspension.


The result is a tough, long-lasting, robust coating system that protects and beautifies your real estate investments.

The Solids Factor

EnviroCoatings Ceramic InsulCoat is a High-Build Elastomeric Architectural Coating.


Ceramic InsulCoat has a 60.9% Solids-by-Volume content versus:


35%-45% Solids by Volume for a Top Quality Paint and


25%-35% Solids by Volume for an Ordinary Paint.


Solids-by-Volume means our high performance ingredients are suspended together in the solution of our coating in the can.  When applied, more of Ceramic InsulCoat stays on the building and does not evaporate into the atmosphere. 


Do not be fooled by manufacturers that refer to Solids-by-Weight in their technical data


Solids-by-Weight tells you the percentage of solids to total weight of paint in the can.  Most of the weight is inexpensive fillers, like Calcium Carbonate (basically Chalk), that easily evaporate into the atmosphere upon application.  It is not a measure of solids suspended in the solution.  Make sure you compare data on an apples to apples basis. 


Our High-Build Coatings, with Best in Class Solids-by-Volume, protect and extend the life of your real estate investment.


Click on the illustration below for a better understanding of



Illustration showing that Solids by Volume is key and means more of EnviroCoatings stays on the wall and does not evaporate into the atmosphere

This is what 60.9% Solids-by-Volume looks like in the pail:


Ceramic InsulCoat will not disbond from the surface.  We initially dry in 48 hours.  We cure in 90 to 120 days.  As our coatings cure, they lock into the substrate at the molecular level. 


Ceramic InsulCoat resists flaking, peeling and cracking.


This is What We Mean About The Superior Adhesion of Ceramic InsulCoat Wall

May 24, 2016 

Your building will fall down before our coatings come off!

Weatherproof Moisture Management


Or more simply put:


Ceramic InsulCoat is highly resistant to water penetration, yet it allows vapor to pass through the membrane and evacuate to the atmosphere.


The diagram above demonstrates the size relationship of water as a liquid and water as a vapor in a direct ratio of 1,600:1 (water vapor:water liquid).


The openings in the mesh represent the micro-pore structure of the Ceramic InsulCoat membrane.  The pores are so fine that they do not let water pass through, yet they allow vapor to easily migrate through the coating.


Your wall and roof systems remain dryer, resisting mold, mildew and dangerous spores. 


Bubbles and Blisters

Have you ever seen paint on a wall or roof with bubbles or blisters on the surface?  That is an example of water trapped behind the membrane. 


The water cannot get out and results in the paint or coating disbonding from the substrate - where it will crack or chip off - and at the same time allows water to attack the construction substrate. 


That is how wood rots, metal rusts, and concrete dissolves over time. 


Mold and Human Health

Moisture retention in wall and roof systems has been proven detrimental to personal health.  Everybody has either heard about (or experienced) mold in homes and commercial buildings. 


Examples include Condo Rot in the Pacific Northwest and Black Mold in other regions.  The ability of Ceramic InsulCoat to "Breathe" helps to resist the occurrence of mold, mildew, algae, spores, lichen, and mosses.


Perm Rate

There is actually a scientific method used to measure vapor transfer, refered to as a Perm Rate.


Ceramic InsulCoat Wall has a measured Perm Rate of 20.0

Ceramic InsulCoat Roof has a measured Perm Rate of 24.9


Water Resistance to Wind-Driven Rain

Ceramic InsulCoat has been lab tested with water driven against the test surface at a dynamic pressure equivalent to 98 mph.  Take a look at our Technical Data Sheets for detailed information for this, Perm Rates, and other testing criteria.


"Breathability" is a Competitive Advantage

The ability of Ceramic InsulCoat to resist water penetration but have high breathability provides a longer life for the coating, protect building occupants from potential serious health conditions, while extending the life of the wall and roof systems of your real estate investments. 




November 5, 2015


Side-By-Side Beach Front Properties - Weatherproof Moisture Management


We introduced these Beachfront Properties on our Social Media Sites in September 2015. They provide a real-world demonstration of our Coatings' ability to "Breathe".


The Properties are located on the Boardwalk at Mission Beach in San Diego, California. Both Properties were painted at the same time in 2007.  Ceramic InsulCoat Wall was applied on the Beige House in the background (on the Right).  It is still in Pristine Condition.


The House in the foreground (on the Left), was painted with a Conventional Exterior Paint. That paint had bubbled, blistered, and peeled off due to Salt Water Intrusion that occurs along the coast.  In other words, The Paint Failed.


It was re-painted in September/October with Ceramic InsulCoat Wall as the Owner saw for himself how his Next-Door Neighbor's House was in excellent shape.  The re-work was extensive, as the failed paint had to be scrapped off and then the stucco around the House had to be repaired and/or replaced.


EnviroCoatings is highly resistant to water penetration, yet it allows vapor to pass through the membrane and exhaust to the atmosphere.  This capability is a huge competitive advantage for Ceramic InsulCoat and the illustration below demonstrates our coatings' ability to "Breathe".


See more about this Project on our Facebook Page:

Ceramic InsulCoat Facebook


on our YouTube Channel: EnviroCoatings YouTube


Year-Round Thermal Barrier

Ceramic InsulCoat incorporates cermaics into

the proprietary Cerylium formula of 23 - high performance ingredients

that creates a thermal barrier and works Year-Round, in every climate.

A human hand holds a ceramic cube with a core temperature approximately 2200 degrees Farenheit

High Tech Ceramics = Phenomenal Thermal Properties


Our thermal barrier works in 3-ways. It Reflects, Emits and Resists heat transfer through wall and roof systems.  You stay Warmer in Winter and Cooler in Summer!


This means we perform just as well at -40 degrees F in the Northwest Territories of Canada in January, as we will at +115 degrees F in Phoenix, Arizona in August.


Ceramic InsulCoat enhances existing insulation systems and reduces energy use.  That in-turn cuts utility bills!


Click on the illustration below for a better understanding of

a Year-Round Thermal Barrier:


Illustration of a Year-Round thermal barrier on a building showing the sun's rays beating down in summer and rain and snow in the winter

Good Looks, Fade Resistance and Easy Maintenance

As we have stated, EnviroCoatings Ceramic InsulCoat formulated with the 23 - high performance ingredients of Cerylium technology provide three to five times the life-cycle of traditional paints and coatings.  The coatings resist degradation and premature fading (Our colors remain vibrant longer). 


Any customer wants to know, how long does that color stay fresh?  EnviroCoatings products maintain an attractive appearance for the duration of the coatings life.  This means no premature chalking, peeling or cracking.


Take a look at the range of vibrant colors applied over the years on some of our projects.


Our coating systems are easy to maintain.  Ceramic InsulCoat cures to a hard finish that repels dirt, pollution and scum. 


In regions that receive heavy rains, the surface is basically self-cleaning.  Otherwise, we recommend periodic cleaning (especially on flat roof systems) by simple power washing to remove the ravages of nature.


Customers tell us their homes and buildings look like new after washing.

Lab Tested, Real World Certified

EnviroCoatings products are a valuable component of emerging sustainable design, environmental, and energy-savings programs you may be familiar with.  These include:


  • The Master Painters Institute (MPI) Approved Products List Program.
  • The Products meet the Master Painters Institute (MPI) Green Performance® Standard Program.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Energy Star® Qualified Roof Products Program.
  • The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) Product Rating Program.
  • The California Energy Commission Building Energy Efficiency Standards for Cool Roofs - Title 24 initiative.
  • The U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System
  • The HERO Program (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity)                                  Eligible Products List: Heat Reflective - Cool Wall Coatings and Cool Roof - Prescriptive
  • Ygrene Energy Fund                                                                                                   Eligible Products List: Heat Reflective - Cool Wall Coatings and Cool Roof - Prescriptive  
  • Figtree PACE Financing                                                                                                 Eligible Products List: Heat Reflective - Cool Wall Coatings and Cool Roof - Prescriptive  
  • CaliforniaFIRST PACE Financing                                                                                         Eligible Products List: Heat Reflective - Cool Wall Coatings and Cool Roof - Prescriptive
  • PACEfunding Financing                                                                                             Eligible Products List: Heat Reflective - Cool Wall Coatings and Cool Roof - Prescriptive
  • Missouri Clean Energy District                                                                                             Eligible Products List: Heat Reflective - Cool Wall Coatings and Cool Roof - Prescriptive
  • Texas PACE Authority                                                                                                  Eligible Products List: Heat Reflective - Cool Wall Coatings and Cool Roof - Prescriptive   

Trusted for Over 50 Years

EnviroCoatings products have been successfully applied on structures around the world for over fifty years.


We believe our real world experiences are a hugh competitive advantage as there are a number of new "Green" and "Environmentally Friendly" paint and coating products being offered on the market today.


These products have yet to prove themselves in real-world applications over any significant period of time. 


EnviroCoatings products are Tested, Proven and Trusted.

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