Ceramic InsulCoat products have been applied on hundreds of Commercial and Industrial properties across the United States.


Key concerns for this market sector include Cost, Performance, Adherence to Environmental Regulations, and Return-On-Investment (ROI).


EnviroCoatings provides unparalleled Life-Cycle Cost Advantages as Ceramic InsulCoat outlasts conventional paints and coatings 3 -5 times service life.  That's 3 - 5 times the labor and material costs - at future inflated rates - to repaint Commercial and Industrial facilities.


Selecting Ceramic InsulCoat is a wise investment for Commercial and Industrial Property Owners as our versatile and robust coatings protect real estate investments, improve bottom-line performance, and enhance pride of ownership.

Ceramic InsulCoat Wall

Concrete - Multi-Story Office Building

Concrete and Stucco - Casino

Concrete and Stucco - Parking Structure

CMU and Concrete - Single-Story Headquarters Office

Beautiful Dark Red Hawkwatch International headquarters building in Salt Lake City, Utah
HawkWatch International - Salt Lake City, UT

Cinder Block - Car Wash

Ceramic InsulCoat Roof

Modified Bitumen (Built-Up BUR) Roof - Hotel 

Modified Bitumen (Built-Up BUR) Roof - Hotel

EPDM Roof - Conference Center

Built-Up Roof (BUR) - Auto Repair Shop

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