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Dear EnviroCoatings,


In February 2005 I had my house, located in San Diego, California, painted with the EnviroCoatings product.  We chose Gun Barrel Grey by Dunn-Edwards.  Our house painter was American Painting. 


We have not repainted.


Our house faces south and receives full sun most of the year.  Prior to the 2005 painting, I had repainted my house every two years due to fading and blistering.  We enjoy the dark color, and were warned by our house painter that he could not guarantee that it would fade.


Our house has faded in the over nine years, but has not blistered.  I have been extremely satisfied with EnviroCoatings ability to take a beating and still protect our house.  I believe using this product has also made our house cooler on the inside.


I recommend EnviroCoatings whole heartedly for a long lasting and durable paint.  I have been extremely satisfied with this product.


R. Jones

San Diego, California

Dear Donald (EnviroCoatings),


"It took me five years, from 1987 to 1992, to build my Morocco-inspired dream home in Vista, California.  I may have shown you the article about my endeavor.  It appeared on the front page of The San Diego Tribune's "Homes" Section on July 25, 1993. 


As a first time owner/builder, I learned many things during the construction process.  For instance: the shade of the stucco color may vary somewhat from the color coat sample put together at the factory.  And so it was with my house.  The Marrakech Orange-Ochre I'd hope for appeared a lot Peachier than Ochre.  Therefore, I decided to apply Ceramic InsulCoat to the stucco.


There are so many products on the market that don't meet expectations.  Ceramic InsulCoat isn't one of them.  The viscous coating covered in one application without leaving a single, telltale roller mark.  It also exhibited excellent, long lasting, adhesive qualities when applied to unprimed, bonderized downspouts and vinyl rain gutters. 


The adhesion was so good that I later decided to use the coating to opacify a large pane of un-etched glass, even without the benefit of primer.  To this day, I've not repainted anything.  An amazing product that is worth every penny!


You might call me an unpaid evangelist for your coating.  I recently bumped into one of my converts who'd applied the product to her home not long after I'd used it on mine.  She spent a full five minutes extolling the virtues of the coating before she got around to introducing me to her companion.  I couldn't help but smile. 


Ceramic InsulCoat has this effect on those who use it." 


O. R. Morse

Vista, California

"We will have been in our home 6 years as of June, 2013.  We are extremely pleased with the look and performance of the InsulCoat product.  We think it looks great.  So far the only "downside" we have found is that the reflective properties are so good that we have to water the plants around the house more than we expected because they get so much reflected heat (you may recall that we have a fairly dark color scheme).  We are very happy.

We did have a little trouble finding people willing to apply the product because they were not familiar with it.  But the actual application was not that difficult once they started (though I did have to remind them not to thin it).

All in all, it is working well for us."


L. Walters

Provo, Utah

"We had our home painted in 2009 with EnviroCoatings ceramic based paint.  Still looks like a new paint job. 


The insular qualities of the paint has made a noticeable difference during both the winter and summer months.  My reptile room that shares two outside walls has been easier to maintain the needed heat in the winter and avoid the excessive heat during the summer.

My painting contractor stated that "This was the easiest paint he had ever worked with."  I had wondered if this might be a problem, but the number of unsolicited statements about the ease of application whether it was while using a brush, roller, or or spray gun was a nice surprise.  We had told them it was a type of paint they had not worked with before, so they were a little concerned, but their concern soon turned to pleasant surprise as they began using it.

Its proven to be a great product and I have recommended it to all of my friends."

A. Heide


Award Winning Property

EnviroCoatings - The Dream Home 2007


August, 2007

The Dream Home:

Evolution in Design and Technology

Santa Fe, New Mexico


EnviroCoatings is a Proud Sponsor of The Dream Home: Evolution in Design and Technology, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


The Dream Home received the following awards in the 2007 Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association Haciendas: A Parade of Homes Competition:

  • Judges Award for Outstanding Innovation & Technology
  • Gold Merit Award for Excellence in Green Building

Ceramic InsulCoat Wall and Ceramic InsulCoat Roof are applied on The Dream Home.


The Builder, Jody Feyas states:

The EnviroCoatings Ceramic InsulCoat Wall and Ceramic InsulCoat Roof products are two products that I think will revolutionize the building industry.  These are two of the most exciting products in terms of "green" building that I have ever seen."

Real World Case Study of "Breathability"

November 5, 2015


Side-By-Side Beach Front Properties - Weatherproof Moisture Management


We introduced these Beachfront Properties on our Social Media Sites in September 2015. They provide a real-world demonstration of our Coatings' ability to "Breathe".


The Properties are located on the Boardwalk at Mission Beach in San Diego, California. Both Properties were painted at the same time in 2007.  Ceramic InsulCoat Wall was applied on the Beige House in the background (on the Right).  It is still in Pristine Condition.


The House in the foreground (on the Left), was painted with a Conventional Exterior Paint. That paint had bubbled, blistered, and peeled off due to Salt Water Intrusion that occurs along the coast.  In other words, The Paint Failed.


It was re-painted in September/October with Ceramic InsulCoat Wall as the Owner saw for himself how his Next-Door Neighbor's House was in excellent shape.  The re-work was extensive, as the failed paint had to be scrapped off and then the stucco around the House had to be repaired and/or replaced.


EnviroCoatings is highly resistant to water penetration, yet it allows vapor to pass through the membrane and exhaust to the atmosphere.  This capability is a huge competitive advantage for Ceramic InsulCoat and the illustration below demonstrates our coatings' ability to "Breathe".


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