EnviroCoatings products have been developed over the past half-century to address stricter market demands in environmental requirements and to meet the increasingly sophisticated nature of consumer demands - high quality, extended life, moisture management, environmental issues, savings on heating and cooling costs, and clean technology.

Since 1960


EnviroCoatings Ceramic InsulCoat has its roots in a small high-tech paint and coatings company created in 1960.  At that time, a German chemist who recently immigrated to Canada, recognized the need for an entirely new line of coatings designed to protect homes, buildings and architecture from the very harsh Canadian weather.  This superior line of coatings was the beginning of what would become one of the first EnviroSmart ceramic-based thermal barrier coatings.


Balanced Engineering


From the outset, the chemist began to engineer a specialty line of products to provide solutions for the high failure rate of traditional non-environmentally sound exterior paints and coatings. 


Eventually, the chemist arrived at the creation of a family of products, some of which now comprise our 23 chemical compounds, that address the negative performance and failures of other paints and coatings.  Thus was born our superior line of products.


Through on-going research and development, we have been adjusting the various formulas over a fifty-year span.  We refer to the formula today as:



Cerylium is a technically advanced process that combines never before utilized components into a proprietary formula of 23 - precision blended, high performance ingredients, in a complex 100% acrylic suspension.


Years of Real World Results


For years, the products astounded the architectural community.  The products became legend and were "written into" the specifications of countless buildings in Western Canada, soon expanding to other areas including the northern region.


To this day, buildings that were coated well over twenty years ago still do not require a re-coat.  These characteristics are the reason why so many high-rise office towers, apartment buildings, and hotels have retained their classic appearance and their owners have reaped enormous financial benefits by minimizing the care and upkeep of their premises.


Expansion of Sales into International Markets


With the successes achieved in the Canadian market the company has expanded internationally.  EnviroCoatings products have been applied on buildings around the world including China, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America and the United States.




Envirocoat Technologies, Inc. (ETI) is the exclusive manufacturer of our Ceramic InsulCoat

line of coatings products.  


Ceramic InsulCoat Wall is Tested, Proven and Trusted