Ceramic InsulSeal

           Ideal for exterior applications on Commercial, Industrial, Government, and Residential Buildings


  • Cast or Poured Concrete
  • Tilt-Ups
  • Cinder/Concrete Block
  • Brick
  • Porous Roofing Systems (Asphalt, Modified Bitumen, etc.) 




Ceramic InsulSeal is a polymer-modified acrylic penetrating soaker-sealer and bonding agent. 


Used directly from the container, it penetrates deep into porous substrates.  As it fills and hardens it provides a myriad of micro-anchoring points in the substrate.  It is not a finishing product and must be coated.


Ceramic InsulSeal promotes exceptional adhesion when used in conjunction with either Ceramic InsulCoat Wall or Ceramic InsulCoat Roof Coating Systems.

Application Procedures

Apply Ceramic InsulSeal to a clean, dry and sound substrate.


Follow the appropriate Industry standards for cleaning and preparation of all building substrates.


Notice that Ceramic InsulSeal goes on Milky White and dries Clear.  This makes it easy to follow as it is applied.  It will dry tack-free in 1 to 2 hours in light to moderate humidity.  You may then begin the application of the first coat of Ceramic InsulCoat Wall or Ceramic InsulCoat Roof.

PICTURES: How to Apply Ceramic InsulSeal

Ceramic InsulSeal can be brushed-on, rolled-on, or sprayed-on.

VIDEO GALLERY: How to Apply Ceramic InsulSeal

How to Apply on a Modified Roof System

How to Apply on an EPDM Roof System

How to Apply on Asphalt Shingles

Product Specifications


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Ceramic InsulSeal

Product Information

in printable PDF Format:

Technical Data Sheet - Ceramic InsulSeal
Tech Data - ECI InsulSeal Nov2018.pdf
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MSDS - Ceramic InsulSeal
MSDS - ECI InsulSeal.pdf
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How much Ceramic InsulSeal do   I need to Prime that Surface?

Material Requirements Calculator

Use this On-Line Paint Calculator from Paint Quality Institute to assist in determining how much Ceramic InsulSeal you will need to complete your project. 

 Visit the site: www.paintquality.com/homeowners/paint-tools/paint-calculator.html


Use the appropriate formula to determine the actual square feet of unusual shapes (conical, corrugated metal, dome, etc.), before calculating material requirements. 


The application of Ceramic InsulSeal requires only a single coat. 


Ceramic InsulSeal spreads at 350SF to 450SF per gallon, on a flat (linear), clean, dry, and sound wall substrate or roof membrane.  We typically use the mid-point of 400SF per gallon in our product requirement calculations.


For rough, uneven substrates (such as thick Stucco), reduce the spread rate accordingly.


For further technical assistance, please refer to our Technical Data Sheet, Video, and Pictures above, or visit the Contact Us page.  

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