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Ideal for Commercial, Government, Industrial,

and Residential Buildings


Can be applied on most typical construction surfaces






Ceramic InsulCoat Wall is a tough, high-build, ceramic-filled, elastomeric architectural coating.  It is formulated with 23 high-performance ingredients in a complex, 100% acrylic,

proprietary technology we call Cerylium

Protects real estate investments with superior adhesion; breathability;

elasticity; a year-round thermal barrier; saves energy; long life;

and all-climate weatherproofing.



  • Outlasts - Conventional paint products up to three to five times.  That is three to five times the labor and material costs at future inflated rates - to repaint your real estate investment. 
  • Flexible Elastomeric - 160% elongation with full memory.  Expands and contracts with the daily thermal cycling that occurs on exterior wall systems.  Withstands deformation without peeling, cracking or chipping.
  • 61% Solids-by-VolumeSolids-by-Volume means our high performance ingredients are suspended together in the solution of our coating in the pail.  When applied, more of Ceramic InsulCoat Wall stays on the building and does not evaporate into the atmosphere. 
  • High Abrasion Resistance - Withstands repetitive, high abrasion activity.  Resistant to playful activity of children, accidental abuse, scuffing of walls, and high wear traffic patterns.
  • Breathable Elastomeric - Resists weathering.  Balanced engineering keeps water and dirt out while allowing the natural moisture buildup to escape to the atmosphere.  The ability to exhaust vapor to the atmosphere at a high rate provides long-life for the coating while extending the life of the building envelope.  Breathes at 20.0 perms.
  • Fade and Good Looks - Superior aesthetics appeal.  Cerylium enriched 23 high-performance ingredients resists UV degradation and premature fading of the coating.  UV blocking extends the life of the coating and the building envelope. 

         Maintains attractive appearance for the duration of the coatings' life. 

  • Weatherproof - High-build formula creates a weatherproof membrane that significantly reduces potential damage and deterioration of the substrate.  Reduces rot and mildew formation.
  • Year-Round Thermal Barrier - Ceramic particulate plus high titanium dioxide levels keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Energy Savings - Provides enhanced heat management, greater occupant comfort, lowers energy consumption required to heat and cool a building, and therefore reduces utility bills.
  • Cool Wall - Tested and approved for use as a Cool Wall Coating with PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Programs such as: The HERO Program; Ygrene Energy Fund; RENEWPace; and Figtree PACE Financing.
  • Easy to Maintain - Many competitor's elastomeric paints and coatings dry to a "gummy" surface that attracts and traps dirt and scum.  Ceramic InsulCoat Wall is an elastomeric coating and cures to a hard finish that repels dirt and scum.

         Simple to clean and reduces maintenance costs.  Looks like new after cleaning.

  • Fire Resistant - Self-extinguishing, does not support flame spread.
  • Environmentally Friendly - A GREEN product.  Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC = 49gm/l).  Water based, non-toxic and 100% acrylic product that meets today's strict environmental guidelines.
  • Can be Tinted to any Color - Available in Pastel (White), Medium, Deep, and Accent bases.

    Use appropriate primers on wood and metal surfaces.

    Use Ceramic InsulSeal on porous and weathered membranes.



Video Gallery


SHADE at Solar Decathlon 2013

House Prep - Hairline Cracks on Stucco

"Goes on Thick and Lays Out Smooth"

Energy Saving Coating for Stucco

How to Apply on Siding

These are a few videos describing Ceramic InsulCoat Wall.  

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Approvals and Ratings


PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a simple and effective way to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation upgrades to buildings.  PACE can pay for upgrades for almost any property - homes, commercial, non-profit, and agricultural.  


Ceramic InsulCoat Wall meets the eligibility specifications for use as a

PACE Energy Efficiency Improvement in the

Heat Reflective - Cool Wall Coatings Product Category.


PACE is scaling up across the Country, as States enact PACE enabling legislation and programs launch.  Visit the PACE Energy Efficiency Programs Section for additional information.


EnviroCoatings is approved for use with a growing list of PACE Programs:



The Master Painters Institute since 1967

MPI is an Institute dedicated to the establishment of quality standards and quality assurance in the painting and coating application industries in the U.S.A. and Canada.


Visit the Approvals and Ratings Section for additional product information.

Application and Maintenance Procedures

Apply Ceramic InsulCoat Wall to a Clean, Dry and Sound substrate.


Follow The Master Painters Institute (MPI) guidelines for surface preparation on all substrates for new and repaint projects.

For detailed information about Master Painters Institute (MPI) information, standards, and specifications, visit: The Master Painters Institute 

Warranty Programs

EnviroCoatings will offer a 10-Year Manufacturers Product Warranty for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Government, and Multi-Residential properties.


for additional information contact:



Product Specifications



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Ceramic InsulCoat Wall

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