Ceramic InsulCoat products have been successfully applied

on Single-Family and Multi-Residential properties

across the United States.


Residential Owners enjoy the satisfaction of knowing their real estate investments are protected by Ceramic InsulCoat.



Our ease of application, superior performance, energy savings, and resistance to fade, create peace-of-mind.  The ability to tint Ceramic InsulCoat Wall to any color, and tint Ceramic InsulCoat Roof to any light color, provide unlimited color schemes to use on your property.

Multi-Family Residential

Ceramic InsulCoat Wall

(Can be tinted to any color)

Stucco - Home Owners Association (HOA)

Stucco - Home Owners Association (HOA)

Single-Family Residential

Ceramic InsulCoat Wall

(Can be tinted to any color)

Advanced Composite Siding


Wood Siding

Award-Winning Designer Home

Ceramic InsulCoat Roof

(Can be tinted to any light color)

Arizona Residential Roof


Ceramic InsulCoat Roof was rolled on the flat asphalt roof of this Residential property in Arizona by a 60-Year Old Grandmother!


Notice the dirt build-up over a couple of years. 


As a roof becomes dirty, thermal barrier capabilities are degraded, especially Reflectivity.  We recommend periodic sweeping or spraying off with a garden hose. 

For additional maintenance tips, take a look at the BUR and Metal Roof Application and Maintenance PowerPoint presentations found on the Ceramic InsulCoat Roof tab.

Asphalt Shingle Roof

Built-Up (BUR) Roof

Metal Roof

Miscelleaneous Application

Another different application.  Ceramic InsulCoat Roof was applied on the deck of this Mansion in Arizona.  Ceramic InsulSeal was used as the primer/soaker-sealer on the deck. 



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