Heat Reflective Cool Wall

Reducing energy use saves money.  Plain and simple.

Your Wall System is just as important as the Roof System

For years EnviroCoatings has been a leading voice in the push for industry building, rating and certification entities to look at THE ENTIRE BUILDING ENVELOPE when discussing methods to reducing energy costs.  That includes incorporating the use of a Cool Wall Paint or Cool Wall Coating into the equation.


We know that Ceramic InsulCoat Wall will function as an energy savings component for any building envelope.  Think about it.  How many sides of your building are blazing hot part of/or most of the day?


How much of that heat load is being transferred into the interior of your building?  What effect does that heat load have on your HVAC systems?  Imagine if you could decrease that load.  You would reduce energy use and save on utility bills. 


Just like a Cool Roof.

Cool Zones

Ceramic InsulCoat Wall used as a Cool Wall paint helps to promote "Cool Zones" so entire buildings can contribute towards lowering environmental temperatures.  


This assists in reducing the effects of Urban Heat Islands. 

Cool Wall Paint or Cool Wall Coating?

It does not matter to us if you refer to Ceramic InsulCoat Wall as a Cool Wall Paint or a Cool Wall Coating.  We prefer to use the term Cool Wall Coating, as we are a High-Performance Coating System and Cool Wall is one of our Features & Benefits.


You can refer to Ceramic InsulCoat Wall as a Cool Wall Coating or Cool Wall Paint
You can refer to Ceramic InsulCoat Wall as a Cool Wall Coating or Cool Wall Paint

Satisfied Residential Customers Talk About Cool Wall Results

Residential Customers describe the Cool Wall results they have experienced after applying Ceramic InsulCoat Wall on their homes.  


You can view their entire testimonials at Satisfied Customers.


PACE: Heat Reflective - Cool Wall Programs

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a simple and effective way to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation upgrades to buildings.  PACE can pay for upgrades for almost any property - homes, commercial, non-profit, and agricultural.  


Ceramic InsulCoat Wall meets the eligibility specifications for use as a

PACE Energy Efficiency Improvement in the

Heat Reflective - Cool Wall Coatings (Paint) Product Category.


PACE is scaling up across the Country, as States enact PACE enabling legislation and programs launch.  Visit the PACE Energy Efficiency Programs Section for additional information.


EnviroCoatings is approved for use as a Heat Reflective - Cool Wall Product

with a growing list of PACE Programs:

Cool Wall - More Real World Results

Commercial, Government and Residential customers want to know what proof do we have, beyond written Satisfied Customer Testimonials, that they can reduce heat load and therefore cut energy use by applying Ceramic InsulCoat Wall on their building?  Does a Cool Wall paint or Cool Wall coating work?


Those are all fair questions.


In response, we set out to conduct Field Studies of Ceramic InsulCoat Wall applications and provide Pictures, Video and Case Studies to support our findings.  We have completed a few and will continue to collect and publish results. 


We present this empirical data for your review:

Ceramic InsulCoat Wall - U.S. Marine Corps Cool Wall Case Study

EnviroCoatings Case Study: Heat Load Reduction USMC Base Camp Pendleton 2008-2009
USMC Base Camp Pendleton Cool Wall Case Study: 2008-2009
USMCBCP Animal Control Heat Load 208-200
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB


Ceramic InsulCoat Wall - Residential Cool Wall Energy Saving Case Study

Residential Cool Wall Energy Savings Case Study: 2007-2008
EnviroCoatings Tempe Case Study 2008.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 271.7 KB

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