Where to Purchase EnviroCoatings Products

We are focused on customer service through the entire product delivery cycle from Specification, to Approval, to Purchase Order, to getting Ceramic InsulCoat to you

and your project---wherever you need it.   


As our operations expand across the country beyond the Commercial/Institutional/Government Sectors and into the Do-It-Yourself/Mass Marketing Sectors,

we are looking to add Distribution Partners.


Our goal is to have our products available for you on the shelf locally.

You can Purchase EnviroCoatings products through these Distribution Partners:

Expect a Lead-Time

In the United States, EnviroCoatings has generally been used for Commercial applications, where lead-times to order and deliver thousands of gallons to a large project are common place.


In our expansion of Operations across the country, we are working with our Distribution Partners to stock product locally to respond to demand from customers that want to purchase smaller quantities immediately.


Until we achieve that goal, you can expect your purchase of EnviroCoatings to be a "Special Order"  with a lead-time of 1-2 weeks to receive product at your local paint store. 


We will list locations where EnviroCoatings Ceramic InsulCoat is available for immediate purchase as new Distribution Partners jump on board.


If you have any questions or want to join or expanding distribution network, please contact:


Donald Klaus

EnviroCoatings USA

(619) 794-6935

The Sherwin-Williams Company

EnviroCoatings products can be ordered through Sherwin-Williams Paint stores across the country.


Some regions may not be familiar with the EnviroCoatings product line.  In that case, the Sherwin-Williams Store Representative can look up EnviroCoatings by Vendor Number. 


EnviroCoatings Vendor Number is: 0030006836



Further questions at the store can be directed to:


Donald Klaus

EnviroCoatings USA

(619) 794-6935

For a list of Sherwin-Williams Stores that stock and/or are familiar with the EnviroCoatings product line, click here or the tab to your left.

Ronco Construction & Supply Co.

EnviroCoatings products are available for purchase through Ronco Construction & Supply Company in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  For further information contact:


Steve Miller

Ronco Construction & Supply Co.

(800) 477-6626


Visit their website: www.roncoconstructionandsupply.com

Vista Paint Corporation


EnviroCoatings products are available for purchase as a Special Order through Vista Paint stores.


Vista Paint operates 46 company-owned stores throughout California and Nevada.

Some stores will not be familiar with the EnviroCoatings product line.  In that event, they can contact:

Mr. Joel Estrella

Vista Paint Purchasing Department


Donald Klaus

EnviroCoatings USA 


Sales Support

Our Sales and Technical Support Group can be found at Contact Us.

Distribution Partnerships

Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers:


Our Customers never say "NO" to EnviroCoatings products, they go on to ask, "Where can we get it?"


Join our supply chain and grow your sales with us!  From a single outlet operation to 5,000 outlet operations, we want to conduct business with you!


If your company is interested in teaming with EnviroCoatings to distribute the amazing Ceramic InsulCoat product line, please contact:


Donald Klaus

EnviroCoatings USA

(619) 794-6935


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