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May 20, 2015


PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy)


Ceramic InsulCoat Roof qualifies as a COOL ROOF option with PACE Program expnding across the country.


What is PACE?


PACE is a simple and effective way to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation upgrades to buildings.  PACE can pay for new heating and cooling systems, lighting improvements, solar panels, water pumps, insulation, and more for almost any property - homes, commercial, industrial, non-profit, and agricultural.


We will have additional information to share about EnviroCoatings' participation in the program in the coming months.


Watch this Video Introduction to PACE Financing:



January, 2015


Services & Maintenance: Think Outside The Box




We discuss and educate building owners and facility management groups the need to review the entire building envelope when considering retrofits and upgrades--especially weatherproofing and energy savings.


Ceramic InsulCoat provides weatherproofing and energy savings capabilities for both Wall and Roof Systems.


Here's an article from Facility Executive promoting these issues:


Photo: Infrared scans of a building envelope reveal moisture saturation, air loss, and energy loss in buildings.
Infrared scans of a building envelope reveal moisture saturation, air loss, and energy loss in buildings.

Infrared scans of a building envelope reveal moisture saturation, air loss, and energy loss in buildings.  With this knowledge, facility managers can work proactively to improve energy efficiency and operational performance, and avoid premature total replace of building envelope components.  (Photo: JLL.)


July 14, 2014


Don't Get Ripped Off: Make an Informed Decision Before Painting Your Property


Lifetime Paint - Really?

Ceramic InsulCoat products are used on Commercial, Government, Institutional, and Residential properties around the world.  


From time to time in the Residential Market, we run into confused Homeowners that have been promised everything by unscrupulous Paint Manufacturers and/or Applicators/Contractors that charge tens of thousands of dollars for an exterior repaint.  

Here's a post from 2014 we put on Social Media addressing this issue:

Last Friday, we received a call from a gentlemen telling us he received a quote from a paint company to paint his home and give him a forever (lifetime) warranty and asked if EnviroCoatings offered the same warranty.


We responded as we always do, "Sir, does your Smart Phone have a forever warranty?  Does your HDTV have a forever warranty?  Does your Refrigerator have a forever warranty?  Does your Car or Truck have a forever warranty?"


After a bit, he started to chuckle and told us, "But their marketing is pretty convincing!"


We asked if he had done any research and fact checking on the company and their products and he said, "Well, not really."  So we suggested he check into:


  • How long has the Paint Contracting Company been in business.
  • How long has the Product Manufacturer been in business.
  • Do they provide Technical Data Sheets for the products.
  • How many years have the products been applied on buildings.
  • Do they complete Commercial or Government projects. 
  • Are they rated by a Third-Party Organization or Industry Rating Body - such as - The Master Painters Institute (MPI).
  • Etc., etc.


After a few minutes discussion he said, "Wow, I didn't realize there was so much information I wasn't aware of."  We told him the paint and coatings industry is no different than any other product or service.  There are various levels of product offerings, quality and price. 


We went on to tell him that paint quality and warranty requirements for Commercial and Government buildings are usually consistent, as those projects are managed by professional architects and specifiers that use industry guidelines--and that those projects typically require a 10 (ten-year) warranty for exterior paints and coatings.


But the Residential Sector is wide-open to slick marketing and outlandish warranty offerings. 


Obviously, we suggested he use Ceramic InsulCoat on his exterior and he said he would consider it and thanked us for the honest discussion and information.


The point here is you owe it to yourself to make an informed decision about your paint and coatings purchase.  Remember the old adage,


"If it's too good to be true, it probably is!"



February, 2014




EnviroCoatings has lost one of our biggest supporters.

We learned yesterday that Tait Nielsen passed away of natural causes.  He was 42 years old.

Tait was the Owner and Principal Construction Consultant at Nielsen Williamson Consulting Group, LLC in Phoenix.  Before that he was a partner at Andrada General Contractors and then Red Tree Consulting Group.  He often worked as an Expert Witness for Construction Litigation issues.

We met Tait when he asked if his company could share a booth with us at the 2007 Scottsdale (Arizona) Green Building Expo.  He was impressed with Ceramic InsulCoat and we began a relationship that flourished from there.

You may know Tait because he is the infrared photographer shown in our two-year Heat Load Reduction Case Study with the US Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, California.  He was so impressed with the performance of Ceramic InsulCoat that he introduced our products to a range of customers that included his own clients, and numerous commercial businesses including The Pyramid Properties Group, DoubleTree Hotels, and the Marriott Hotel chain.

We extend our condolences and prayers to Tait’s family and associates, including his two sons, Henry 13, and Charles 9.

Tait was a Man of Integrity and he cannot be replaced.

Rest In Peace Brother.



Solar Decathlon 2013 - Team ASUNM - SHADE Home

November, 2013


Solar Decathlon 2013 Section on our PROJECTS tab


The 2013 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition finished in October. The collaboration of EnviroCoatings and the Team ASUNM Shade House continues in Arizona and New Mexico.  


As there is so much past news and information about Team ASUNM Shade, we created a Solar Decathlon 2013 Tab under our PROJECTS tab.


We will share future Team ASUNM Shade updates here on the Website and our Social Media sites and then archive them at the Solar Decathlon 2013 Tab.


Published Articles

February, 2008

Paint and Coatings Industry Magazine
"Thermal Barrier Coating Gets the Green Light"
EnviroCoatings - Green Light PCI Magazin
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March, 2008

The Paint Dealer
"It's OK to Count Your Chickens"
EnviroCoatings - OK to Count Chickens -
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On-Line Articles

From: eco-structure June 2008
Posted on: May 18, 2009





Envirocoatings’ Ceramic InsulCoat exterior wall and roof products contain Cerylium, which helps prevent heat loss and gain and protects against extreme coastal or desert weather conditions. The product, which has insulating qualities, can be applied to metal or wood and is elastic to prevent cracking and peeling. Its acrylic, water-based formulation does not contain formaldehyde. Two coats are required; the first dries to the touch within 30 minutes and the second coat can be applied two hours later. (888) 792-4411 /



"How-To" PowerPoint Presentations 

Built-Up (BUR) and Metal roof systems are the most common in use. We have compiled the following "How-To" presentations to demonstrate the complete evolution of applying Ceramic InsulCoat Roof on these roofing systems.

EnviroCoatings: Built-Up (BUR) Roofing Systems
Application and Maintenance Procedures for Built-Up (BUR) Roofing Systems
EnviroCoatings BUR Roof Application 3-12
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.0 MB
Ceramic InsulCoat Roof: Application and Maintenance Procedures for Built-Up Roofing Systems


EnviroCoatings: Metal Roof Systems
Application and Maintenance Procedures for Metal Roof Systems
EnviroCoatings Metal Roof Application 3-
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.9 MB
Ceramic InsulCoat Roof: Application and Maintenance Procedures for Metal Roofing Systems

These "How-To" Presentations are also found at Ceramic InsulCoat Roof.

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